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Hi! This page is where I collate all of the great extras that our paying supporters get.

The rest of the site is free, all of the old info and a lot of upcoming stuff is and will always be free but some folks want to support our efforts and take their own gardening knowledge to the next level. They do that by becoming paid subscribers. It only costs $5.00 a month for to help us keep this beast rolling . It’s not a profit making scheme, but you can help us offset some of our ever increasing expenses such as water, transport and website upkeep (Athena asked me to mention dog biscuits too). I know that some folks would like to support us but are doing it tough, so there’s an option to subscribe with a custom amount – whatever you feel you can afford. Subscriptions can be cancelled or changed any time.

In return for your generosity, you get bonus content on many posts, a fortnightly newsletter where we dig into gardening a little deeper (pun intended) plus, as time goes on, free downloads of how-to guides that we’ll be charging other folks for. You also get free entry to our open days and a discount on workshops.

If you want to join the adventure, you can subscribe below. A little later, we’ll be offering a few other options for how to pay for your subscription but, for now…

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