Sedges (Cyperus vaginatus or gymnocaulos)

They have a distinctive head
Cyperus flower
The flowers are interesting little things too
Cyperus sp
Cyperus spp. love wet feet!

FamiIy: Cyperaceae

Habitat: Wetlands, creek banks

Flowering Time: C. gymnocaulos: July-April C. vaginatus: Nov -April

Ngarrindjeri name: Marrngatoo

Description and uses:

Sedges of the Cyperus genus , especially Stiff -leaf Flat Sedge (C. vaginatus) and Spiny Flat Sedge (C. gymnocaulus) are water loving sedges that are favoured by the Ngarrindjeri and Kaurna folk for weaving.

Aunty Ellen & Jelina gathering rushes
Aunty Ellen & Jelina gathering rushes

When dried and re-wetted, the stems pride a strong, flexible fibre for weaving. I’ve seen all sorts of things, both traditional and contemporary, woven by skilled weavers from fish scoops to a life sized baby whale!

Jelina weaving
Jelina has learned a lot from Aunty Ellen Trevorrow