Pine (Pinus species)

Pine flowers and needles
Pine needles and flowers

Common names: Pine species

Taxonomic name: Pinus species

Family: Pinaceae

Uses: food, disinfectant, wounds, mouth ulcers, adaptogen, fatigue

Area of origin: Europe, India

Warnings: Some people are allergic to pollens. It goes without saying that they should be very cautious with using Pine Pollen.

The scent of Pine summons thoughts of cleanliness. The feeling we get when we smell Pine is so powerful that its become synonymous with disnfectants and cleaners. Just being in a Pine forest makes me feel cleaner.

Pine Needles

Pine needles are high in vitamin C and contain a natural decongestant, and antiseptic. This makes them an excellent remedy to look to when a cold is afoot.

Their antiseptic properties can be used for external injuries such as cuts and grazes. They can also be used in the same way for internal washes.

to use, just steep a small handful in hot water. The smell will soon permeate the room and your respiratory system. Drinking it will help your insides, especially as mouth rinse or a gargle, To use it as an external wash, simply let the tea cool and wash the affected area with it.

A handful of golden dust.

Pine Pollen

Pine pollen is a nutritive tonic that helps our body adapt to environmental stresses.

Pine pollen does this by balancing the ratios between androgen and estrogen. These hormones work at a deep level, affecting everything from our bone structure, to hair and psychological outlook.

Many pollutants around us contain estrogen like substances that can undermine our immunity. Pine Pollen is useful to help us recover from these toxins, especially as we age.

You can eat Pine Pollen raw or include it in your meals. I like it dusted on my cererals.

Pine pollen a puddle

Though health food manufacturers would like to convince you that Pine Pollen is a rarity, if you like near a forest of Pine, or at least a couple of big trees, you will be familiar with scenes such as in the picture above. There is literally a river of the stuff flowing by a roadside near us. If your home is in the right place, your car and possibly your laundry will be blessed with a heavy dusting of golden goodness.

Gathering Pine Pollen

I use a very high tech way to gather Pine Pollen in our local forest. At the right time of year, I approach the trees that are in flower and, if a little pollen comes off in my hand when I brush the flowers, I put a paper bag over the part of the branch with the most flowers and give it a good shake.

That’s all you have to do. Upon looking, you will see a little yellow powder in the bottom of the bag. That’s the good stuff. Now repeat the process for every branch you can reach that is in flower.

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