Petty Spurge (Euphorbia peplus)

Petty spurge
Petty spurge. Note the branching stems and yellow green (hidden) flowers
White sap is characteristics of petty spurge
The characteristics sap that holds all the medicinal qualities

You may see this weed around still. It’s Euphorbia peplus, otherwise known in Oz as ‘Radium Weed’

How did it get that name?

Well, it could be because the sap of this plant, applied topically, is the premiere go to remedy for skin cancers and less importantly, liver spots and skin blemishes.

It has compounds that get in and are toxic to rapidly dividing cells, so is great for cancers.

Petty Spurge is a soft, low herb that is pretty well perennial in this area. It is distinguished from similar herbs such as Chickweed by its upright, branching stems and different leaf arrangement on the stem and branches. The flowers are hidden and covered, in a special capsule the name of which escapes me.

Of course, it’s really distinguishing feature is the milky sap.

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