At Ligaya Garden, we love being part of a strong, resilient community, it’s how we get a lot of things done. Being part of an ever growing web of like minded people makes life so much better.

Here’s links to many of our community, folks who have done right by us and will do right by you. There’s many others out there too, who don’t have an online presence or prefer not to be listed here. Maybe someday we’ll get a rogue’s gallery going. For now, here’s a few to start with, in no particular order, click on the images to connect –

Adelaide Edible Garden Trail
Barossa Gourmet Mushrooms
Boost Juice Gawler
Gro Pro Hydro
Down to Earth Permaculture
Cafe Nova
Cafe Sia Gawler
Sander's Fodder
Joe's Connected Gardens
Grow Free
Uncle Rob's Worm Farm
Mitre 10 Gawler
Greg's Shared Garden
Stone Shed Bread
Poetic Justice Cafe Gallery
LETS Adelaide
Ballywire Farm

Environmental and Science Media
Gawler Community House
Tandem Energy
Gawler Environment Centre