Wild Fungi

Fungi are an incredibly important part of our ecosystems, possibly uniting them all. Fortunately for us, many of them are edible, if not tasty.

Many are not edible, though and some are downright deadly. Toxins can affect you in many ways and some are slower than others, so be very careful.

The fungi that we list here are those that we’re sure about identifying and have eaten over the last couple of years. They’re very common locally and are foraged by many people.

To save lots of possible confusion, I’ll not write up all of the taxonomic details, preferring to focus on where you will find them and exactly what to look for. A bit later, Marlon will add recipes.

Our ecosystems are increasingly fragile and I encourage only foraging, snacking and learning. Leave harvesting to the big guys with the money for licences.

Scotch Bonnets (coming soon)

Yellow False Truffles

Note: It can be illegal to harvest from the wild without the appropriate permit or licence. Different councils, however, have different rules and regulations on the matter, so check with them before you go out.