Day Lily (Hemerocallis sp.)



Day Lilies are all members of the genus Hemerocallis. They all bear large, spectacular flowers that last only a day each. Fortunately, each plant bears quite a few flowers.

Besides their beauty and variety, Day Lilies have another thing going for them – you can eat them.

Yes, every part is edible! Tubers, leaves, flowers – the whole thing.

I will admit though that my favourite part is the stamen. They are long, crispy and kind of sweet. I just pinch one or two off every time I pass and crunch down on them happily.

Herbally, Day Lillies are useful for sore throats, laryngitis and fluid retention. Chinese medicine uses them further for jaundice, blood in the urine and faeces and a prolapsed rectum.

Enjoy them for many reasons!