A wide community of connections is vital to building a strong and resilient future. Here’s some of the people, organisations and businesses we deal with on a regular basis and have supported Ligaya Garden as we’ve grown.

These are only those who are online. There’s plenty of good folks that we work with who prefer to remain offline. Maybe, one day, we’ll get a rogues gallery going. For now though, click on the images if you want to explore further. They’re not in any particular order…

Down To Earth Permaculture
Koren Helbig
Stone Shed Bread
Riverdell Spiritual Centre
Joe's Connected Garden
Poetic Justice Cafe
Ballywire Farm
The Joinery
Uncle ROb's Worm Farm
Greg's Shared Garden
UCare Gawler
Sanders Fodder
Mitre 10 Gawler
Cafe Sia Gawler
Boost Juice Gawler
Gro Pro Hydro
Barossa Gourmet Mushrooms
Tandem Energy
Gawler Environment Centre
Gawler Community House
Mould Farmer
Environment and Science Media
Adelaide LETS
SA Urban Food Network
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