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Last week in Ligaya Garden #10

This week was about plumbing and outdoor power points. We appeared in Grass Roots for the 4th time and started learning Linux and Java

Last week in Ligaya Garden #8 and #9

A double edition because I got too carried away with other stuff. Food Underfoot 2019 (Gawler’s premiere weed walk) was a huge success with 3 attendees. We were given some solar gear to improve our setup, Lots of new shelving and a book purge completed the weeks.

One of my little inventions.

It’s a simple Spring water container to which I’ve drilled a hole in the base and fitted a 90mm PVC joiner to the neck. I just place the gadget over any of the 90mm pipes that go through the mulch and in to the… Continue Reading “One of my little inventions.”

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