The Monday post was Sunday!

Time and I aren’t on the best of terms so I thought that yesterday was Monday and wrote a post about growing fodder for chickens. I got all worked up too, thinking that I had missed my usual composting round that starts with Cafe Sia for their morning coffee grounds.

So, how am I to make it up to you? I’ve been promising Monday posts for a while and usually get them in.

Let me tell you why I was so excited to get todays post in yesterday.

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Growing fodder for chickens

Buying grain is one of the few ongoing expenses for Ligaya Garden. Of course, that excludes utility bills and petrol and the like. We don’t mind paying for grain so much, it’s important for the health and happiness of the chickens but we have found several ways to cut down on the amount that we have to buy and, hopefully make our girls happier and healthier with a more varied diet.

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The Thursday post – Jelina in Artland

Still sweating from submitting her PhD, Jelina, will be working with her mentor, Aunty Ellen Trevorrow, at the Artlands 2021 conference (or ‘gathering’, as folks like to call it) on Wednesday September 1. They’ll be making weaving magic and presenting a workshop about Ngarrindjeri weaving which will start shortly after the Wednesday morning opening. It’ll run all day and folks are invited to drop in any time. Its presented by Country Arts SA.

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Food Underfoot is on!

Henry Chenoweth Park, now known globally for its weediness...

It’s a Monday post, on a Monday this time, from Cafe Sia, of course.

As usual, it’ll be held in Henry Chenoweth Park but this year, things will be a little different. We’re working in conjunction with the Gawler Environment Centre and, together we’re presenting the 2021 extravaganza as part of the Nature Festival of South Australia. It’ll be covered in a little feature in Citymag too. Does the fame ever stop coming?

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