Farewell to Green Waste

The green waste bin won’t be going out anymore. Between worms and efficient composting, there will be no need.

Now, what to do with the bin…so many ideas come to mind.

Early cultures.

Milk and water Kefir fermenting away. I bought my first cultures on Ebay.

We laughed a little when they arrived in ziploc bags in paper envelopes through the post. I thought all the terrorism propaganda would have put a stop to all that!

I just added the milk kefir grains to a jar of room temperature milk, covered with a coffee filter and put them somewhere dim and warm.

The water kefir grains were a tiny bit more difficult. For them I had to make a sugar water solution (I did say a tiny bit more difficult). I added the grains and put their jar next to the milk kefir.

For a place to grow, I chose a cupboard top in the kitchen near the fridge as that stays slightly warm year round.

After a couple of days, it seems that milk kefir is more active than water kefir. There again, it’s still early days.

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