My first strawbale garden veggies.

The veggies in the straw bale garden are rocketing along. There’s even enough to share with the slugs!

Pic 2 shows one of the benefits of using pea straw… free peas!

Everything’s settled in after 2 -3 months, we have green veg leaves, kombucha, both water and milk kefir, the worms are a breeding and we have no green waste leaving the house.

Double duty

Marlon’s improvised defroster…an upturned metal collander that fits snugly onto our slow cooker. This captures and uses waste heat from the cooker, not that the heat is really wasted at this time of year – it contributes a little to keeping the house warm. In this way, the electricity used for the cooking is used in 2 additional ways.

I suppose, given time, that this system could have cooked the meat too.

This is a great example of what I’m trying to explore – things that can be done around the suburban home to reduce costs and ecological footprints with a minimum of expense.

Pigeon poo is free.

I’m always on the lookout for free stuff. My search for fertilizer lead me to a local bridge that was home to hundreds of pigeons.

I thought ‘where there’s pigeons there must be pigeon poo’ and there was. Tons of it, all nice and dry, ready for the taking.

I dug up about 10 kilos of it and took it home where I put it into a plastic bin and covered it in water. There it will sit for month or so to rot down before I use it on the plants.

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