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I think this is called rain. There’s been so little this year it’s hard to remember.

Solanum nigrum

Black nightshade , Solanum nigrum , berries almost ready to eat.

The berries can be eaten as is, or cooked. They taste like little tomatoes. The new shoots can be eaten too.

Black nightshade is a cosmopolitan plant, it occurs throughout the world , either as a native or as an introduced species.

It’s more infamous relative, Deadly Nightshade shouldn’t be touched. We’re lucky that it doesn’t occur in Oz.

Citrus issues

My potted citrus are suffering this winter. Leaves yellowing and dropping. Something’s chewing the leaves of the lemon.

Here’s a note, added some months later…

Earwigs have been the bane of my young citrus trees. It is they that have been chewing the leaves. The best way to stop them has been to cover a few inches of the trunk and the supporting stake with Vaseline. This stops them from climbing up into the leaves.

I’ve given them a dose of epsom salts and will wait and see.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Slightly dodgy solar setup

My dodgy experimental solar setup. Its just pieced together for today to see if the second hand regulator works.

It must be working. We’re catching 10.5V of free electricity when its overcast. This jumps up to 11 when the sun shines fully.

Of course, thats not enough to charge the battery. Good connections and better positioning would improve efficiency enormously. At least I know it works for now.

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