What’s it all about?

Ligaya” is a few things. The name means ‘happiness’ in Tagalog (the national language of the Philippines… That’s where Jelina and Marlon are from), it’s special kind of happiness that comes from being connected to family and community.

Ligaya Garden was first established in 2015 with a single straw bale bed in the back yard and has grown and flowed into the exciting mess that is is now. It has been grown to give us a measure of independence by slashing our bills, greatly reducing our ecological footprint as a family and as a way to give back to our community. We don’t believe in sustainability at all. Rather, we look beyond that in most things that we do, looking to a point where every aspect of the garden can produce more that we put in. If folks settle for sustainability, we won’t get very far.

We've been gardening for a long time
We’ve been gardening for a long time. This little guy’s 25 now!

This site and social media accounts are a record of the development of our lifestyle, house and garden as we journey through sustainability and into surplus. It’s about lessons we’re learning as we move along,  a list of our plans and ambitions for the place. Also, we hope it’s a teaching aid for others who are interested in following the same path.

We’re not experts on anything, but you can follow us as we learn on our blog or our various social media links. Later in 2021, we will open up online teaching pages and offer a premium subscriber service.

As much as we can, we try to get our efforts out into the community, to establish friendships and partnerships with like minded folk.

Crreative Commons licence BY NC SA

To protect the Intellectual Property of folks who contribute, we place most of this blog in the Creative Commons under BY NC and  SA Attribution conditions. So you can share most of it, just don’t do it for profit or change the conditions. The bits that can’t be shared are clearly marked.

We do produce publications and media for sale, of course their content is not under the Creative Commons but we reckon the price is as reasonable as can be.

If you’d like to help out a little with a small donation, here’s where you can.

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