Everybody chips in in their own way.

Mamma Dove still hasn’t moved on!

Her babies are out cleaning up the garden and cleaning up the grain that I’ve dropped near the chook house.. They’re cute too, they only stay a foot or so ahead of me when I’m walking and sit on the fence when I’m doing any gardening. One even sits on the gate while it swings open.

But we would like her to leave her nest because we want to remove the Madeira Vine that’s choking up the middle of the garden. It’s been chopped and pruned so only the part sheltering the nest remains.

The Doves have made nests in different places over the years and compete with Mamma Blackbird for choice sites. They’re all welcome here, all help out in their own way and I’ve learned to leave them to their jobs and have adapted my gardening techniques to suit.

It’s just easier that way! Now,  when Mamma Blackbird is redistributing my mulch  I know she’s teaching me a lesson in natural landscape design. When the Doves nest somewhere inconvenient , I know that that tree needs continuous fertilising. When the New Holland Honeyeaters are around, I know that it’s time to be alert for pests. When  Cockatoos gather in the trees nearby, they are telling me to be ready for Red Spider Mites.

Sure they all have a nibble here and there, that’s fine. I just wish that they wouldn’t take a single bite out of EVERY PLUM!

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