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Verge progress

We’ve been working on the verge garden of native plants.

The new Cyperus patch
The new Cyperus patch

Since the council complaint, we’ve been slowly changing out the ‘inappropriate’ plants with new species as the latter become ready to plant. We took out the defunct ‘Gawler Temporary Community Garden’ raised bed that was growing Zucchinis and replaced it with a bed of Cyperus rushes.

The Cyperus sit nicely alongside where our stormwater pipe is buried and I hope soon to subtley redirect that water through the rushes to filter our runoff before it goes out to the street. The location also makes it easy for me to put a sandbag in the gutter and redirect water into this bed should we be blessed with a Summer downpour. Free water!

Looking Northish
Looking Northish

Our verge provides shelter for lots of local critters, some Forage for us as edible weed seeds blow in and grow. The plants that we’ve put there are all edible or useful and don’t drop leaves and branches like certain Gum trees frequently do. All of the rushes and grasses we have get used in Jelina’s weaving and also make a great screen to stop rubbish from the street blowing into Ligaya Garden. We don’t eat Hungry Jacks after all.

Rushes and grasses are a filter for rubbish
Rushes and grasses are a filter for rubbish


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