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Ligaya Gardening Tips #6 Put your feet up

We often get asked for gardening tips, so have decided to do a weekly post describing things we do to keep our garden going well with bugger all effort.

I’ll collate them on this page.

Put your feet up. It's all good!

Put your feet up. It’s all good!

Except for those folks who love to dig and weed and mow, gardening shouldn’t be hard work.

Of course, you’ll get times when you’ve got to carry a heavy bag of potting mix or dig a bit of a hole to plant something new into but that’s not every day. It’s a bit more hectic when you’re just starting out on a new garden too.

I’m writing this post at the end of Winter 2019 on another gloriously sunny day. It’s rained a couple of times in the last week and the ground’s still holding a lot of moisture.

Spring is definitely in the air and everything is starting to bloom, ready to get pollinated – after all, gardening is all about sex, isn’t it?

Basically, there’s nothing for me to do today. The chooks are busy mixing the compost, the worms are busy making the good stuff and bacteria in different systems are loving this little extra warmth. Fungi are spreading their mycelia underground and into everything, making little routes of communication and nutrient transfer. Everyone’s doing their thing to make it all grow just that little extra.

There’s an old saying that goes something like ‘the best fertilizer is a gardener’s footsteps’ (actually, it’s ‘farmer’s footsteps, but I’m not on a farm).

To me that means that the more time a gardener or farmer spends on their land, the more they learn from it, the more aware they are of its needs. That means that they’re ready to fix problems when they’re small. That could mean something like giving a little encouragement with some fertilizer or removing a pest bug or two before their numbers build up.

But I reckon it’s because a gardener in their garden is pretty relaxed and happy and those vibes get shared with the life around them, making everything grow just that little bit better.

Would you agree?

Athena knows what it's all about...

Athena knows what it’s all about…

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