Ligaya Gardening Tips #4 Fertilize and stop slugs & snails

We often get asked for gardening tips, so have decided to do a weekly post describing things we do to keep our garden going well with bugger all effort.

I’ll collate them on this page.

Here’s this week’s…

A light sprinkling of wood ash

A light sprinkling of wood ash

Wood ash

Wood ash the day before it rains

There is a quick and easy way to add some minerals, especially Potassium to your garden while also deterring slugs and snails from your target plants.

Wood ash is full of nutrients, especially Potassium. What’s actually on it depends on what was burnt but it does tend to be on the alkaline side, so don’t use too much.

A slight dusting is all that’s required. It’s powdery nature is loathed by slugs and snails and will work until the rain or your watering washes it away.

Download this page as a free pdf

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Helen says:

    Fab idea – I will bear this in mind, as I think I’ve used up all the wood ash I have for this year.


    1. its cheap and easy to use, bur don’t over do it


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