Nettles…. Mmmmmm

Young nettle patch
A superb patch of young Nettles
Fresh Nettles
Straight from the front yard!
Nettles, all cleaned and ready to dry
Washed young Nettles

Nettles… Fresh picked from our front yard and washed… Just delicious!

These go in the dryer. Tomorrow’s lot are for compost tea.

It’s much easier to pick the fresh, young nettles than it is to pick and process older ones. All you need to do is wash the dirt off of the roots and they’re ready to go, whether they are to be used in a tincture, dried, composted, fermented or just used as a tea.

Get them fresh from wherever you can and you’ll be rewarded with super nutritious greens, a remedy for many ailments, powerful fertilizer and a beautiful tea.

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