Thank you for laying out this shade cloth for me to lay on. What do you mean you were working here? 😅

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  1. Helen says:


    And now I know what a shade cloth looks like!

    Where are you going to use it? And how do you hold it up? I enquire in case we have another summer like the one just experienced.

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    1. Don’t you have it over there? I have wires all over and suspend it from that. That or nail it to wooden beams with special nails. We have 70% and 90% block but we double up over the back doorway eher the sun is cruelest


      1. Helen says:

        No, shade clothes are a new concept for me – the nearest thing we have is awnings, which I had previously considered for over out south-facing back door. But a shade cloth would be much more convenient!

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      2. I just assumed they were universal


      3. Helen says:

        Not in traditionally cooler climes 😊


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