What to do with leftover citrus? 

You can use leftover citrus for cleaning
There’s often a little too much citrus

Often, we end up with a lot of citrus that is excess to requirements, either that or lots of peel.

Putting it on the Bokashi compost is one solution but why not put it to another use before putting it in the compost?

Citrus peel cleaner
Use leftover citrus or peels to make a cleaner

The easiest thing is to use it to make your own citrus cleaner. I got this idea from a speaker at the One Planet market.

The citrus cleaners in the shops are little more than vinegar and citrus oil. So why not make it yourself?

It’s this easy –

  • Cut up the excess citrus or peel  into smallish pieces.
  • Put them in a jar and cover them with vinegar (I like to use wite vinegar for cleaning
  • Cover the jar and leave it to sit for a week or so.
  • Strain off the vinegar and bottle.
  • Compost the waste.

That’s it. You can leave it for longer or even strain out the citrus and add more to the vinegar for an extra strong batch.

I water down the citrus vinegar to about 50% strength then put it in a spray bottle and use it at will or leave it at full strength to kill off mold or bad toilet smells.

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  1. Ooh yes, this is great! I used to heat the vinegar, and add mint leaves and/or cloves to the jar as well. Apparently that enhances the process (and the scent – lemon + cloves = fantastic!). Wouldn’t vinegar-soaked peels harm your compost, though? I do either one – and my mom makes face masks out of dried (and grounded) orange peels. I mostly grow acid-loving plants, so I’m sure they appreciate the peels.


    1. It smells so good. I might add mint next time. I compost the peels and leftovers with Bokashi before adding it to the aerobic compost


      1. https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsDo try it! I’d recommend mint and cloves with lemon peels, and just cloves with orange peels. Not too sure if oranges and mint would mix well – although that’s a very subjective opinion. 😉

        I usually use mint stems (we prefer to eat only leaves) and the little round things on top of cloves (which, again, we don’t use in food). Just some more ideas you can play with!

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      2. I just looked up Bokashi composting – very interesting idea! Learn something new everyday.

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      3. There’s a page on it on my blog that you might be interested in

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Thanks for the link! I’ll check it out sometime.


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