A week old and no smell

What’s that golden, bubbly liquid in the pic?

It’s week old urine, thats what!

Yuck! You may well say, but its been modified by the addition of billions of bacteria that have fermented it over the last week.

Now, it has only a sweet smell and tiny bubbles. No, I havent tasted it.

Someone posted a link on Facebook a while back about fermenting urine and I thought I’d give it a go using my own and some of the Bokashi liquid that I make.

I’m not sure what super powers it has, but I’m working on the theory that fermentation improves our food and our compost, so why can’t it improve our bodily wastes in some way.

I’m also making the wild assumption that the fermenting bacteria have out competed any nasties that might have come about through normal aerobic fermentation of the urine.

One of these days, I’m going to have to get a decent microscope! Anyone got one for sale?

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