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We got a couple of baby Silkies a week or so ago. I’ve been showing their adventures on Facebook. Eir and Beyla, they’re called.

Today a new hen came to join us, a Rhode Island I’ve named Mercy. She’s young, but already laying.

I wanted chooks to replace the quails. We were unsuccessful with them. Mainly because I was too soft and couldn’t handle all the fighting. Then it turned out that quail eggs make me sick. 

The other advantage of chooks is that they are awesome recyclers. They will eat excess veggies, scraps and bugs, helping to keep the garden clean.

When they get used to us (especially Athena), they’ll be allowed to roam the garden freely.

At the moment, Eir and Beyla come inside at night, where they nestle on my tummy to watch Grimm – their favourite TV show. They did watch one episode of Vikings, but got so worked up I had to put them to bed early.

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